About Us

Are you in need of impeccable concrete services in St, Helen? Jones Concrete Inc. is your specialist for the best concrete work and landscaping at unbeatable prices. We at Jones Concrete Inc. can handle all of your concrete needs and save you the hassle of having to do it all by yourself.

For Jones Concrete Inc., 'No Job too small or too big.' We cater to all kinds of concrete related needs in St. Helen. Apart from being the top-notch and reliable local concrete contractor in St. Helen, we at Jones Concrete Inc. offer a wide variety of services such as excavating, tree removal, lot clearing, septic systems, sand and gravel trucking and much more. Concrete repair is one of our core activities and is the origin of the business when it was established in 1989. The repair of concrete structures and buildings requires best quality materials, but more importantly experienced and skilled personnel to ensure that the concrete repair is undertaken correctly. The removal of the defective areas of concrete, concrete reinstatement and preparation of the exposed steel reinforcement has to be done correctly for the repair to be durable. We offer a reliable and quality cement work for concrete slabs, concrete patios, pavements, foundations, walls, wall panels, curbing, steps and much more. There is nothing we have let untouched with our excellent and creative concrete skills and perfect deliverance within time. All types of concrete patching and repair work are done by our skilled staff. We also offer concrete crack repair, concrete removal and concrete floor polishing at affordable rates. So if you are looking for any top quality concrete work in St. Helen, call us.